Dell Rapids Area Child Care Providers

Welcome , Parents & Child Care Providers!

Welcome to your complete resource on child care providers in the Dell Rapids, South Dakota, area. Whether you're a parent looking for child care or a child care provider looking for fellowship, education or networking, this site can help.

For Providers:
Dell Rapids is home to a large network of family child care providers, many of them state-registered. As child care providers, we have the pleasure of caring for and loving children every day. It's a profession full of joy, laughter and growth. 
     But it can also be lonely and frustrating to spend entire days without interacting with another adult. Members of the Dell Rapids Provider Network are ready, willing and able to lend one another the support and understanding we need to continually offer quality child care. 
     There are so many rules and regulations about state registration and food program requirements that it can be confusing to start a child care business out of your home. In this group, experienced providers are happy to share what has worked for them. Educational resources featured on this site and presented via monthly newsletters and meetings is just the tip of what we offer as a network.  

For Parents:
     We know as providers how frustrating it can be to find quality child care. We hope this website will help ease your concerns and assist you as you work through this challenging process.
     The Provider List on this website features names and contact information on child care providers in the Dell Rapids area. The Parents page has additional resources including tips on finding the right child care provider and a link to the current state regulations for providers. 
     If while browsing this website you have a question or cannot locate the information you need, please contact us for assistance.